DIY Toddler “Love” Paint Craft

During the last couple of months, Rory and I have really been getting into crafts. I think part of that has been due to the Christmas season, but I have also been spending a whole lot of time on Pinterest lately. Crafts are also a great teaching tool for toddlers. Painting has become a way for me to work with Rory on her colors. It also helps with her fine motor skills when she is painting and learning how to hold the paintbrushes.

For Holidays and Birthdays this year, I have tried to have her “make” her gifts. I found the neatest piece of wood at Hobby Lobby. The edges of it look like bark, and it has a rustic look to it. I thought this would be perfect for Rory to create a Christmas gift for her Nana. While at Hobby Lobby, I also picked up several different colors of finger paint. I knew that we would be making other crafts, so I wanted to make sure that we had a variety of colors and wouldn’t run out.

Rory had so much fun putting her hand and footprints on this piece. She just finds it hilarious when I paint her little feet. It can definitely get messy, but I just throw an old sheet down over the kitchen floor and then make sure the kitchen sink is empty to rinse her off in. Overall I am so happy with how it turned out. I love that she enjoys making the crafts as much as I do.

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