Family Movie Night

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The weather is officially beginning to be too cold to be outside most evenings. It has been a struggle already to keep Rory busy inside. Rory loves playing outside, and it was so nice to be able to go outside for an hour or so in the evenings and play. Now that we are stuck inside, I’m trying to figure out different things to do in the evenings. I have officially found that family movie night is my favorite.

First of all, I love movie theater popcorn. I’m not a huge fan of microwave popcorn. Honestly, it’s just all the butter that makes the movie theater popcorn so good. I recently discovered that you can just walk into the movie theater and buy some popcorn and walk out! Now maybe this was already a known thing, but I definitely didn’t know it. After finding this out, I decided that for my birthday all I wanted was for my husband to go get some popcorn and we would have a movie night after Rory went to bed.

I’m sure you can see where this is going. Rory definitely decided that she didn’t want to go to bed that night. She would scream every time we put her in her room. So we gave up and let her stay up and watch the movie and eat popcorn with us. While it didn’t go as planned, it made me realize how much she was enjoying it too. We put all of the pillows and blankets on the floor and snuggled up. She thought this was just so neat. So I decided that we should make it a weekly thing. The most expensive part of it is going to get the movie theater popcorn, but you could also do the microwave popcorn. Then we can pick a movie off of Netflix, or we could rent a free Kids movie from our local movie rental store.

So go ahead and order a few re-useable popcorn buckets from Amazon (click the pictures) and start your family movie nights! Spend quality time with your family snuggled up, and enjoy some snacks while doing it. Pretty soon it will be time for popcorn and hot cocoa, if like to have both a sweet and salty snack.

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  1. 1stephloves

    This sounds perfect. I highly recommend We Bought A Zoo if you’ve never seen it. It’s my all time favourite feel good movie. Perfect family film ❤️

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