Mickey Mouse Centerpiece

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It was really hard to decide on a Mickey Mouse centerpiece for the party. I settled on this one. It was pretty easy to make.

Supplies per centerpiece: Styrofoam balls – one large and two small; styrofoam cube (that will fit in your box); small wooden rods (three long, one medium, and two short – I used long ones and just broke them for the different lengths); red and white polka dot ribbon; square styrofoam pieces; paper mache number one; small square gift box; white circle stickers; black and yellow spray paint (and possibly red);and red and white paper grass. (You can click the links for examples.)

So first you need to insert one of the long wooden rods into the large foam ball. Then attach the two small foam balls to the large foam ball. You can do this by inserting the two short wooden rods into the large foam ball and then attaching the two small foam balls. Once you have this attached you can spray paint it all black. You can also go ahead and spray paint the paper mache number one yellow. If you need to spray paint your boxes red then go ahead and do that too. If you bought them red then you are good to go!

While all that is drying you can cut out the hands from the square styrofoam pieces. Once you cut these out then you can insert a long wooden rod into each one. Then you will insert the other end of the rod into the cube of styrofoam that is going into the box.

Hopefully your spray painted stuff is dry enough by now. You can tie the ribbon right under the Mickey head and insert that rod into the cube of styrofoam. Then you need to put the medium wooden rod into the paper mache number one and stick that in the cube as well. Once you have everything stuck in, you can put the cube of styrofoam into the red box. You will cover it up the paper grass. Don’t forget to put your two white circle stickers on your red box!

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