Mickey Mouse Globes

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All you need to make these cute Mickey Mouse globes are paper lanterns, string and construction paper. You need to get both red and black paper lanterns. You can get exactly what you need on amazon and have all the pieces you need to make multiple Mickey’s, and you’ll probably even have some left for decorations. Depending on how big you want the Mickey’s you can adjust the size of the paper lanterns                  that you order. I recommend that you get 10″ black paper lanterns and 12″ red paper lanterns as pictured above.

Step One: Put the globes together then tie the larger red globe to the smaller black globe.

Step Two: Cut out the feet from yellow construction paper and cut out one inch strips of black construction paper.

Step Three: Fold the black construction paper back and forth making it ribbed to create the legs. Tape the feet to the legs and the legs to the red globe.

Step Four: There are two options here – you can cut out circles of black construction paper for the ears or you can glue two little black paper plates together to make the ears.

Step Five: Tape the ears to the black globe.

Step Six: Use the fishing line string to hang the Mickey!

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