My Fantasy Genre Reading List

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When it comes to reading, I am pretty much stuck to my fantasy genre reading list. I have never really been able to get into another book genre unless there is some fantasy crossover. Mystery and romance genres just haven’t ever interested me very much. I love getting absorbed into another world altogether. When I read a book, I want it to completely take me out of my own world and what’s going on in it. I haven’t been able to find this in other genres.

Most of the books that I like to read include some sort of magic in them. Magical creatures, special powers, and dark forces are a staple in most of the books. I’m pretty sure everyone can then assume that I love the Harry Potter series. While it does have a basis in our own world, it opens up a whole other hidden side of it. It does seem to transport you to a completely different world.

Fablehaven & Dragonwatch

One of my favorite more recent series is the Fablehaven series. The series has five books, which was definitely not enough! Thank goodness there is a sequel series named Dragonwatch. Unfortunately only two books are out in the Dragonwatch series right now. I cannot wait for the rest of them to come out. Basically it has everything I love – magical creatures, special powers that are obtained by some of the main characters, and of course dark powers that work against them. While it also takes place in what you would think is our world, it opens up a whole other side of it that is hidden to normal people that is full of magical creatures and ancient legends.

Mary O’Reilly Paranormal Series

Another series that I have continued to read is a little different than my normal go to genre. While it is still what I would call fantasy, it’s definitely a bit of mystery too. My mom and I have both read the Mary O’Reilly paranormal series. While you can get a box set like the one pictured, it is cheaper in the long run to get them for your Kindle, or you can read most of them for free if you have Kindle Unlimited. If you are a book lover and already have a Kindle, you really should just have Kindle Unlimited since it will save you money in the long run. You can even read the Harry Potter books on Kindle Unlimited. Anyways, back to the Mary O’Reilly paranormal series. Mary O’Reilly is an ex-cop who was shot in the line of duty. She actually died on the operating table, but she was resuscitated. After this, she started to see spirits. Now she serves as a private investigator for both the living and the dead helping them cross over. So far there are 20 books in the series! If you are like me and hate when a series is over, this one doesn’t seem to be finishing anytime soon. I love that the characters have developed so much, and we as readers are getting to experience their lives with them.

The Witch Fairy Series

 The last series that I want to share is the Witch Fairy Series. So far there are 17 books in the series. The series follows a young girl who learns that she is both part witch and part fairy. She begins to learn all of her powers and all of the secrets of hidden worlds. She has a great destiny ahead of her with many tough challenges. Once again it opens up a whole other side of the world to its readers.

I highly recommend all of these series. You can find them all on Amazon through the links above. You can purchase most of them on Kindle or in print, and almost all of them you can read for free if you have Kindle Unlimited.

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  1. 1stephloves

    I haven’t heard of any of these. They sound fab though. Really interested in the Paranormal series! I’m going to look into these. Thanks for sharing lovely x

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